Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ( PMT Series )

{rokbox title=|PMT Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant| thumb=|images/asphalt-batch-mix-plant-pmts.jpg| size=|800 377|}images/asphalt-batch-mix-plant-pmt.jpg{/rokbox}Dayu PMT series asphalt batch mix plant mainly including burning system, drying drum, dust collecting system, mixing system, bitumen supply system, accurate parallel measuring system, electric control system, asphalt storage system.
PMT Advantage: using parallel measuring tower technology, make the weighing time of hot aggregates shorter without changing the mixing duration of hot mix asphalt, so that the productivity of the plant with the same mixer capacity is substantially increased, which brings more value to customers.
Output: 360-460 TPH.

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Technical Parameters of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ( PMT360 )

Model PMT360
Marked capacity(standard condition) 360 t/h
Blender rated capacity 4000 kg/pot
Mixture proportion 3% ~ 9%
Mineral powder proportion 3% ~ 10%
Finished product material discharging temperature 130 ~ 160℃ (ordinary asphalt)
fuel consumption(standard condition) ≤6.5 kg/t
Total Installed Power(standard condition) 991.2 kW
overall dimension 55 m × 40 m × 23 m
Equipment power allocation Part Name Parts total power(kW)
Cold material supply system 37.5
Drying drum 148
Burner system 152.7
Hot aggregate hoist 37
Dust collector system 287.5
Screening system 44
Mixing system 110
Asphalt spray pump 22
Powder supply system 43.1
Asphalt storage supply system 72.4
Compressed air supply system 37

Features of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ( PMT Series )

1. Shorter mixing cycle (from 45 seconds to 40 seconds) for increased production capacity (up to 360 t/h).
2. Higher measuring accuracy, with weighing error within ±0.1%.
3. Higher reliability, with all the critical components sourced globally to international standards.
4. More intelligent control system, which can realize one-button start/stop operation and many other functions.
5. Higher cost effectiveness, with the drum dryer built with patented technology.
6. More user friendly control house, like working in an office building.

Main Structure of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ( PMT Series )

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant PMT

1. Accurate Measuring System.
Multi- electronic scale combined reduction measuring technology - Domestic first invention
Combustion zone structure patent: Patent Number: 200820149187.1
① Every mixing batch's measurement indicators could be controlled within ± 1 , which makes a strong quality assurance to the finished mixture.
② The filler measurement adopts first weighing and second conveying large quantity post-weighing method' to ensure a constant total amount of filler.
③ The asphalt measurement uses four pressure sensors, 'rough weighing accurate adding' (improved reduction weighing method), to ensure a constant oilstone ratio.
④ The new structure hot aggregate silo will enable users to know aggregate reserves timely and accurately ,so that can control the amount of cold material delivery, thus can save energy 5% - 10%.

2. Low energy consumption, efficient drying and heating system
① Double layer insulation drying drum.
② Use German SEW motors and reducers, friction drive, drive roll ring and drive wheel adopt special steel and advanced surface treatment technology, which greatly improves the using performance and service life, high transmission efficiency.
③ International advanced fuel burner, using high-pressure air atomization method, full fuel atomization, high combustion efficiency.
④ Patented technology, special wear-resistant material made elevating leaves , unique welded structure and layout, rapidly heating mixture, higher heat efficiency.
⑤ The discharge port installed wear-resistant and lower sound equipment, improving the parts service life and reducing noise pollution.

3. Screening system
① Upper vibration type two-axis linear vibration source, compact structure, strong vibration, effective screening, wide screening area, low rate of mixing between different hot silos.
② Rubber seal, the overall outer insulating layer, reducing heat loss; top and side mounted maintenance cover plate, repair and replacement the screen quickly and easily.
③ The stopping braking device, can avoid resonance of the equipment and can reduce noise, improving equipment's service life.

4. Mixing system
Twin horizontal shaft synchronous drive mixer to achieve 'big loop' 'boiling-style' three-dimensional mixing. Alloy steel mixing rotor shaft; changeable special anti-wear alloy cast iron mixing leaves, mixing leaves can be changed direction to use, asphalt spraying uses high-pressure 'atomization' spraying mode, rapidly ,evenly, and non-drip.

5. Humanization intelligent control and operating systems
① Use 'Industrial Ethernet' network-based new control technology, production and management synchronization, can achieve a seamless interface of the movement of equipment and control.
② Computer dual interface dynamic process, to achieve full-screen display of the mixing stations, real-time monitoring and alarm, control system motor with one button.
③ The management system can integrate the advantages of the mixing station resources , control and do optimizing to every link of the production process.

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